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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Grandma Time

Today I have to take time to be the proud Grandma!                                

As a senior, Ian Connors, our oldest grandson, took a pottery class at Badger High School in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and found his calling. Now he is a senior at UW-Milwaukee and is the Ceramics Lead at the Studio arts and Craft Centre. He is also teaching a Beginning Pottery Wheel class. This is especially important to this grandma as he is the fourth generation teacher in the family!

Ian is also featured as the September 3D Artist of the Month.
The following link shows some of his work.

Site of the wood fired kiln
Some of his pieces were wood fired this spring. The school uses a wood fired kiln near Waukesha, Wisconsin. The students had to fire the kiln 24/7 to bring it to temperature and let it cool for about a week.

Unloading the kiln

Not a flattering photo, but gives an idea of the kiln size

Some finished pieces
Ian invited his Grandfather and myself to attend the opening of the kiln and the removal of the ceramics.  It was very interesting to watch the students view their finished pieces and to meet the instructor. Later in the summer he spent three weeks in Peru studying ceramics and textiles. He plans to establish an Etsy store in the future


  1. Maybe he can make some yarn bowls, bet they would sell fast.

    Michele, West Allis WI

  2. I've suggests the same! Also suggested he make a few buttons as fiber artists would buy those. But...currently he is in the slab pitcher/mugs/bowls phase. He just finished an internship with Simon Levin of Shawano, Wisconsin. He also has an etsy site.
    Thanks for your suggestion. I'll pass it on!