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Worksheet #2

Worksheet #2
(This sheet assumes that you have completed all the calculations on Worksheet #1 based on the description of a Faroese Shawl as stated in the General Information, and that you are now writing your personal pattern)
My Faroese Shawl
Odd numbered rows are right side rows
Even numbered rows (wrong side rows) are knit — no pattern, no decreases..
Even numbered rows are not shown in pattern charts.


Needle Size______________________________Gauge___________

Cast on_________stitches L-O-O-S-E-L-Y Place markers as follows:

(See Determining the Total Number of Stitches in General Information)

Rows______to_______ knit even (no decreasing)
(These rows form the bottom border and would be determined by the number of stitches you selected for the side borders)

Rows _____to_____ knit (decrease on both sides of each triangle) before lace pattern begins
Rows _____to _____ are the lace pattern rows (decrease only on outside of each triangle)
When the lace pattern is complete, resume decreasing one stitch each side of each triangle.
(See notes on Placement and Type of Decreases in General Information.)

Decrease gusset on rows ___, ___, ___, ___, ___, ___, ___, ___, ___, ___,
See worksheet #1 for number of beginning and final gusset stitches. See also The Gusset in General Information.

Shoulder Shaping 1 when _____stitches remain in each triangle,  decrease ______ stitches evenly across each triangle in this  row
(See Shoulder Shaping in General Information)

Shoulder Shaping 2 when _____stitches remain, in each triangle,  decrease _____ stitches evenly across each each triangle in this row.
(See Shoulder Shaping in General Information)

Border decreases, if desired, as follows:_______________________________
(See Border Options in General Information)


  1. Thank you so much for these worksheets.

    I've been wanting to knit a Faroese shawl for a while now. Yes the triangular ones do slip off your shoulders. I have a couple of patterns but not exactly what I want. What puts me off doing my own is the maths involved. YUK! Still faint heart etc. Will give it a go! Thanks again for taking the time to post it & sharing it.

  2. Do you think this worksheet could be adapted to crochet? My crochet skills are much more advanced than my knitting skills, and as I have found other knit shawl patterns well beyond my knitting skills.