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Faroese Shawl Worksheet #1

Faroese Worksheet #1
See the general information sheet regarding these terms and a diagram of a shawl.
These numbers will be used in designing your shawl on Worksheet #2.
X number to cast on                         ER even rows         PR pattern rows for the lace
BS border stitches                 NR number of rows SD1 shoulder decrease at 44%
BGS beginning gusset stitches   HS hypotenuse stitches SD2 shoulder decrease at 19%
EGS ending gusset stitches

Gauge_______ stitches per inch                 Needle size_______

Lace pattern along bottom of shawl?    yes/no       Lace pattern in gusset? yes/no  
If yes:
Lace Pattern multiple_______ Number of rows for one Lace Pattern repeat (PR)______

YOK2tog Lace Rows to set off lace pattern? yes/no Number of rows between YOK2tog lace row and pattern _____

Beginning Gusset Stitches(BGS)_____  Number final gusset stitches(FGS)________
Number gusset stitches to be decreased BGS-FGS=_________   
Gusset decreases per row___ Number of gusset decrease rows______

Number of border stitches (BS)_____ Border set off with YOK2tog     yes/no

Type of final cast off:  ___border eliminated   ___sideways border

The Hypotenuse is the length of the bottom of the shawl from the edge to the gusset. In math terms it is the edge opposite the 90* angle in a right triangle. 
Hypotenuse width______  times the Gauge _____ = Hypotenuse stitches (HS)_____
The total width of the bottom of the shawl is the sum of the variables listed below.
(BS)_____ + (HS)_____ + (BGS)_____ +(HS)_____ + (BS)_____ = _____(X)

Number of Even rows before decreases begin(ER)_____
(These usually equal the width of the border.)

44% of HS_____(SD1) 20% of SD1______

19% of HS_____(SD2) 25% of SD2______

Grid for Designing Your Own Lace